I finished my PhD at the Software Composition Group, University of Bern in 2012.

My main topic of research during my PhD was “Object-Centric Reflection”. My thesis addresses the object paradox while reshaping the reflection space in unified and uniform way. You can access my thesis online or acquire the book version at lulu.

My research interests are Object-Oriented Programming and Design with particular emphasis on reflection and meta-programming. I am also interested in the epistemology and ontology behind the computational models that we build in order to represent reality.


Some projects I am author are:

  • Bifröst, a Reflection unification framework.
  • Chameleon, an event-oriented decoupled instrumentation technique.
  • MetaSpy, domain-specific profilers.
  • OCD, object-centric debugging
  • Prisma, reflection scoped to execution.
  • Subjectopia, a system to model subjective behavior.
  • Talents, dynamically composable units of reuse.
  • TextLint, lint-like tool for written style validation.